Test it yourself

We have a free public homeserver where you can register and try out some of the features.

Or if you prefer to use the app you can enter hingst.net as a homeserver and register/login there instead.

Want your own homeserver, customized to your needs?

What is Matrix?

This page will soon be updated and simplified.

Check out the official Matrix website https://matrix.org/ or visit the Element page https://element.io/ for further information.


Matrix is a protocol for secure decentralized communications.

It allows anyone to set up their own server (here called homeserver) and connect it to the Matrix network, which essentially is a world-wide cluster of homeservers that communicate with each other, somewhat like mail servers. This means that if one homeserver goes down the rest of the Matrix network still functions as normal since it’s decentralized (unlike centralized services like Signal or Messenger).

All homeservers are independent of each other, where it is also possible to choose not to federate with the network if you want a more isolated homeserver.

Your user ID

In Matrix you have a username, such as @cucumber:domain.com.

Here @cucumber is your username, and domain.com is the homeserver your account belongs to. These two together make up your user ID.

The server your account belongs to is called homeserver because that is your “home”.

Room ID’s

Room ID’s look similar, such as #salad:domain.com.

Here #salad is the room name, and once again domain.com is your homeserver.


You can talk with users on other homeservers than the one you are connected to.

For example, you may start a conversation with @banana:differentdomain.com.

Here @banana is the user’s username, and differentdomain.com is her homeserver.

This means that your homeserver, called domain.com, connects to @banana’s homeserver differentdomain.com, allowing you two talk to each other.


There are several apps or programs that work with Matrix, where Element is the most popular one. It’s available for web, desktop and mobile, has a user friendly UI, lots of features and is in active development. Multiple governments and institutions all around the world use Element and Matrix as a tool to collaborate securely.